Thursday, October 25, 2007

D-Link Routers and NAS

We just had D-link out to our AITP meeting. A couple of products that were really interesting:
1. NAS - Network Attached Storage - D-Link model DNS-323 2-Bay Network Storage Enclosure RJ45, USB 2.0 which will hold 2 SATA hard drives and will connect with Gigabit speed to your network. It can also act as a USB print server as it has a USB port on it you can attach your printer to. It would be great for a backup for all your pictures or MP3 files.

2. Gaming routers using 802.11N- There will be a new one out soon that will just set up with your games- you just select the game and it will open the appropriate ports. The forerunner to this new router was the D-Link DIR-655 which D-Link presentors recommended as the best 802.11N router to buy (for normal consumers) - it also has Gigabit wired connections to your local network. It will reach further than the previous generation of 802.11 N routers.

3. HD Media Center /Wireless- The newest DSM-750 Wireless N HD Media Center Extender allows you to wirelessly connect your TV, stream music, photos, and HD videos stored on a PC to your home entertainment center. It can send over a wireless 802.11n or wired Ethernet network or even connect to a NAS (where you may be storing all your media files).

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Dell to Sell at Staples and Walmart

Dell has now announced that they will be selling Notebooks and Desktops at Staples and Walmart. The only difference is that at Staples they will also sell the Dell printers. I am currently using a Dell 1710 laser printer which works fine.