Saturday, November 17, 2007

Black Friday- Good or bad?

Many websites are listing the Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving when the retailers go from red ink to black ink- making money) ads such as and Two weeks ago Walmart started the fray by have Secret Shopper Friday sales and ordering all the Black Friday websites to take down the Walmart items for Black Friday. I just noticed a new ad for Office Depot where some of the Black Friday items will be available this Sunday- 5 days before Black Friday.

Are retailers starting early because they forsee a less than stellar Christmas season and are trying to jump start it early? Are there going to be less big discounts - after purusing the Black Friday ads, it seems to be not as many huge discount items? I forsee that shoppers will have to look sooner for the discounts-such as starting this Sunday! Wait until after Christmas for sales? No, many sales will start before Christmas.

What are the big ticket items? GPS's, TV's and to a lesser extent laptops (as most have one) seem to be hot, though most are not forseeing any huge huge deals on TV's - just a few hundred off here and there.

Happy Shopping!

XM and Sirius agreed to merger

XM (Valued at $2 billion)and Sirius (Valued at $5 billion) at their respective stockholder meetings on Tues, agreed to a merger. What is holding it up? The FCC (Federal Commerce Commission) has been working on it for a while to determine if it is a monopoly and it would then be illegal for these 2 huge satellite companies to merge.