Saturday, January 24, 2009

Why Use DECT 6.0 Cordless phones vs. 5.8 GigHz?

We wanted to upgrade our cordless phones, but we have a long house and most phones to not reach, plus needing a 2 line cordless limits our selection. Our local Fry's store had a real deal on a 5.8 Gighz, so I started asking around. Which did I want to invest in 5.8 Gighz or the newer DECT 6.0? I asked Joe Melfi, of D-Link to comment of what he would recommend. He stated that you definately would want DECT 6.0 as it was more secure, had a longer range and there were not other wireless/baby monitors/microwaves that would interfere with this channel.

So the 5.8 GHz phone I had purchased at Fry's (and not opened), I did return. The Consumer Electronics Show was coming up and I thought I would ask there.

I ran into a very nice fellow from VTech at CES and he explained that Vtech had acquired Lucent's consumer phone business and licensed the AT&T brand on wireline telephones and accessories in the United States and Canada in 2000, so they knew quite a bit about phones. He emphasied that you do want DECT 6.0 over the 5.8GHz for the same reasons mentioned above. But when I mentioned I was having problems finding the right phone, he stated that since DECT 6.0 was a GLOBAL standard there were a lot more phones available from vendors, who could sell a Global phone, not just a differnet phone for the US. This will lead to quite a few more phones being available, since the vendors would market the same phone worldwide. There will more extended range 2-line DECT 6.0 AT&T phones out in the Fall, he stated.

So stay tuned!