Thursday, December 12, 2013

Apple Mini IPad Tripod Holder

Delkin has produced a tripod holder for the Apple iPad mini that lets you attach the Mini iPad to a tripod - which make a great video camera by the way! I have used this Delkin tripod mini iPad bracket extensively and it is sturdy and holds up well. Try it with the SteadySnake at and I have seen most people use this to read their iPad in bed, hands free.

Windows XP Support ending in April

Microsoft will be discontinuing support for Windows XP in April of 2014. There are still many people who are running it, especially over 70% of the computers in China run Windows XP. Is there an upgrade path to Windows 8? according to Microsoft (as late as last month), you will need to reformat your hard drive to install Windows 8 from Windows XP. Will this create a rush to buy new computers? or will people look at Mac computers? I foresee that many businesses will plan on upgrading their computers where needed, and try to get a work around to programs that require Windows XP to run such as using a compatibility mode or a virtual drive. Home users will be a bit slower to adopt the new O?S and may look for Windows 7 PCs (available at Dell in small business and some store such as Microcenter). Most will go for the low end PCs, as the Apple MAC prices will scare them away, though there have recently been some MAC laptop specials.