Saturday, December 29, 2007

Analog Cell Phone Service Discontinuing

Back in 2002, the Federal Government started allowing cell phone providers to start dropping the Analog cell phone signals. The end date for analog service is Feb. 18, 2008.

According to news reports, only about 1 million people still have analog phones which can be easily switched out.

Now most people have switched over to digital cell phone service, but one group of people who will be in a lurch are the people with OnTrack in their cars who use that service to provide emergency road assistance. General Motors started changing some of the cars in 2002 to digital service but as late as 2005 some cars still had the old analog system. Some of the cars can be upgraded but many cannot be. Check with your GM dealer.

Another potential problem is wireless alarm companies who did not switch their clients systems.

We made the switch long ago. In fact, from most cell phone providers, you can no longer get dual band (analog and digital) phones. As they pack new features into phone such as MP3 and video, that feature got left behind. And with good reason. Digital signal is more secure.

Bye Bye Analog...

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